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    Here you will find a PUBLIC QR code and a link similar to one that you will receive once you place an order. 

    • Feel free to scan the QR code or click the link below (they both take you to the same place) 
    • Once there, you’ll instantly see the page you can upload any photo or video too. 
    • Since you are a guest on this gallery you can NOT delete any image, unless you were the gallery owner.
    • You can download any photo or video you want from this gallery.
    •  If you want to upload a photo or video please remember this is a PUBLIC gallery.
    >>>Try before you buy! 

Acquiring your own QR code and setting up a gallery for your special event has never been easier!

Buy one of our QR codes today and within 24 hours, your unique link and QR code will be created and sent to you via email. Whether it's for your wedding, holiday, or any other occasion, you can simply use or print the code however you see fit. It's that simple!

How it works
  • “This actually worked really well at my wedding, we had over 300 photos uploaded into our gallery and they were really nice to look back over the next morning in bed.“

    Stacy, NYC

  • “With all my guests taking photos on my wedding, I really never missed a moment”

    Gem, LA

  • “Really simple and easy to use, my grandma even managed to do it lol highly recommend!”

    Nancy, Miami

  • “Loved seeing all my photos the next day, great idea! A must have for every wedding”

    John, LA