Never Miss Moments is a one-click access online gallery for all your guests to upload all their amazing photos & videos of your special day.

  • Capture

    Everyone has a smartphone these days, let your guests go crazy and take HEAPS of photos and videos on your wedding day.

  • Share

    Display your unique QR code on all your reception tables for your guests to scan and upload their photos and videos to.

  • Remember

    Log back into your portal to access ALL your amazing photos & videos, free to download and share from your online gallery.

Your wedding guests take so many photos & videos throughout your wedding day, now there is a place to store them all for a lifetime.

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Never Miss Moments is a worldwide QR code gallery sharing company that provides a simple and efficient way for people to share & collect photos & videos taken at events such as weddings, holidays, birthdays, corporate events, Christmas and celebrations.

Our platform is designed to allow event attendees to upload their photos & videos to a personal online gallery using a unique link and QR code. This allows people to Never Miss a Moment and cherish the memories captured at events forever.

  • “This actually worked really well at my wedding, we had over 300 photos uploaded into our gallery and they were really nice to look back over the next morning in bed.”

    Stacy, UK

  • “With all my guests taking photos on my wedding, I really never missed a moment”

    Gem, USA

  • “Really simple and easy to use, my grandma even managed to do it lol highly recommend!”

    Nancy, Italy

  • “Loved seeing all my photos the next day, great idea! A must have for every wedding”

    John, Canada

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