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How does Never Miss Moments work?

After you purchase your QR code from our products page, we will email you within 5 minutes for you to set up your gallery. From there you can name your gallery, set privacy settings and create your QR code. We also provide 20 free editable templates for you to use for your place-cards. We do not offer printing as yet.

Can anyone use Never Miss Moments, or is it only for weddings?

Yes, anyone who is having an event, a family catch up, Christmas catch up, honeymoon or birthday party can use our QR codes to collect photos and videos from all their friends and family.

Can the QR code be used overseas or for a destination wedding?

YES, there is no app, it is all hosted on the normal web, so if you have internet or WiFi you will be able to access the gallery.

How do I share the QR code with my guests?

Simply display your QR code at your wedding or event for people to scan and upload their photos and videos. It always helps to mention what the QR code is for, “Please scan the QR code and upload all our amazing photos and videos for the couple to enjoy”.

Will our photos and videos lose quality and size after they have been uploaded or downloaded?

The images or video will be the same quality as they were taken.

Is there a limit to the number of photos or videos my guests can upload?

We are yet to find a limit. We aren't saying we are limitless... But thousands is no problem.

Is the gallery private? Who can view the gallery?

Yes, the only people who have access are those who have scanned the code or yourselves. There is an option to add a password to view the gallery, meaning your guests can only upload but not view the gallery.

How long does my gallery & QR code stay active for?

The QR code and gallery are both live for 1 year from the date of purchase.

What happens if my guests lose the QR code or link?

The QR should be on display at your event - if after the event they contact you wanting to upload further photos, just send them the sharable link found in your setting tab via your portal.

Can I download ALL the photos & videos from my gallery?

Yes of course, they are all yours to download, share, keep and cherish.

What is the point of the digital link?

The QR code is to display at your event, the link is to send to people via messenger, email, text so they can upload photos or videos after the event has happened.

How much does Never Miss Moments cost?

We have a few options to purchase on our product page, what suits you is up to you, if you have any questions please get in touch via email.

Who owns the photos once they’re uploaded?

You do, the gallery owner. Feel free to download and share all your photos and videos as you wish.